3D Virtual Tours (Not just for Real Estate Listings)

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Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can be a powerful tool for Real Estate listings. High end homes attract the attention of busy working professionals who relocate from other states or counties. A virtual tour allows buyers to walk through the home with great detail. This saves the time of the buyer. It allows a spouse who is not available to travel the ability to see a home, and also saves the agent from performing additional showings.

The untapped potential of this technology is with Custom Home Builders. Buyers presented with multiple designs and options have a hard time visualizing what the finished product will look like when making a design choice.  A 3D virtual Tour can give a buyer the peace of mind and confidence of  walking through their virtual home and seeing the finished product.

A local Northern Colorado Custom Home Builder is taking advantage of this new technology and is providing his customers with virtual tours of his home plans.

This is the first of many virtual tours NoCO Custom Homes is planning for it’s customers.

Check out the “Olive” plan as built by NoCO Cutom Homes.


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