About Robert Yone

Robert Yone is a professional photographer based in Loveland, Colorado who specializes in real estate, architecture, and interiors.

Robert is a native of Illinois whose passion for photography and the outdoors led him to move to Colorado 18 years ago.  While pursuing his interest in wildlife and landscape photography, Robert served his community as a Larimer County Sheriff’s Deputy.

His passion for interior and architectural photography began when a friend and local builder asked him to photograph newly constructed homes.  Robert found the technical challenge of creating images that revealed the beautiful art and design aspects of each home rewarding and the builder found his work to be beneficial to the presentation of his homes. Robert continues to refine his work using a combination of natural and artificial light sources to bring out the true character and feeling of each space.

In his free time, Robert continues to enjoy the outdoors and capturing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Colorado and the West.

Client List

  • C3 Real Estate Solutions
  • Keller Williams
  • RE/MAX Alliance
  • NoCO Custom Homes
  • Estes Park Central Vacation Rentals
  • Evolve Vacation Rental Management
  • West Coast Expeditions
  • David Hueter Design

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